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Got Health Insurance?

Lots of great things coming to overall health insurance marketplace for folks and small businesses here in Colorado.

A post from today on LinkedIn as far as the impact from American Rescue Plan

Essentially a way to cross pollinate websites to help position within Search Engines as far as linking or backlinking and overtime it improves a digital footprint within web crawlers.


Thank goodness insurance is not but in order to maximize strengths sometimes you may need to hire an expert SEO to perform those functions if your organization puts some weight into those types of algorithms. It is a skill set.

You can always do it yourself.

But like technology, insurance is a foreign language to most folks so you can represent yourself, work with a Health Coverage Guide or engage a broker who can actually offer up a recommendation.

The only way to maximize Advanced Premium Tax Credits is the road through Connect for Health Colorado and the only way to access a broker is one that is Certified.

Starting on May 15th, even if OFF MARKET you'll be able to begin the transition to ON MARKET to maximize APTCs.

Since they recently removed 400% Federal Poverty Line cut off (previous limit in order to have received APTCs) many more folks eligible now and it only takes one a few minutes to review and see immediate impact.

$100 bucks here. $100 bucks there. $100 bucks it seems almost everywhere for folks potentially impacted positively if they take responsibility and action to figure it out.

Obviously, each situation is unique but you'll see impact almost immediately and I have seen an average of $150/month in future savings for my clients who utilize the exchange.


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